Hunt and be hunted:

Hunt and be hunted means that hunt the others to save themselves from hunting. In this quote basically, the writer wants to tell us that, to achieve their goals by hunting the others.

Nowadays, in a society, wrong rules are built that indicates an alarming shape for ourselves. We did not care about the others, furthermore, if we are stronger from the other, we did not miss any chance to defraud the others. In our society, such an environment is created in which if you do not defraud the other, you are defrauded.  These type of scenario writer wants to tell us in Hunt or be hunted.

“There is no hunting like the hunting man and those

Who have hunted armed men long enough like it,

Never care for anything else thereafter” (Ernest Hemingway)

According to my thought, we should always remain positive, happy, caring and polite with others and try to give respect to every person. We should not defraud the others for our personal interest. That thing makes society better day by day.

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